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Letters on the attic walls
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Moody::: flirty telling glance-ish
Muzak of the moment::: 'Big Bottom' >Hayseed Dixie, Spinal Tap cover

Wade and I stood in front of the house to see Jenn off. It was quiet and we were all a little sleepy. Having said everything to each other at least twice the day before there weren't a lot of words. Hugs all around twice or so and throw in some misty eyes to boot. It will be a while before I see her in the flesh again, and thats a sad thing.

She didn't have time to say goodbye to everyone she wanted to say goodbye to. We finished re-re-packing the truck slightly before eleven yesterday. She authorized me to say goodbye for her, but I'd rather tell you that Jenn said "See you later."

All over but the drivin' and cryin'
All over but the drivin' and cryin'

It was a little blurry, but thats cause we were teary...


Moody::: discontent discontent
Muzak of the moment::: six AM sounds

Don't worry! No spoilers here, unless you've been living under a rock since...forever.

When you think about the Star Wars empire as a collective tribute to George Lucas' love of the Saturday serial cartoon then it kind of straightens itself out a bit. Melodrama, action, adventure, and err freaky aliens are all part of the big yummy cheese ball. So, no matter how many nuts you roll it in (or how many nuts roll in it...) it is still just a big cheese ball. Revenge of the Sith is the prettiest installment of the cheesball to date. I think that it is the best of the three movies we call the 'prequels'.

I say its the best of the three based on the fact that it had more of the things I wanted to see from the prequels, and all in one place. Somehow though the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was much more...anguished and important when I watched it over and over in my head. The fall and the fight just seemed...pale when it made it to the screen. Very pretty and pale.

Ben Kenobi is STILL the hardest working Jedi in ANY galaxy.

Just in from the "if a word meant how it sounded" department. Trampoline = fuel for hookers.

Embrace the paradox,

Moody::: accomplished slightly parisian&mostly frank
Muzak of the moment::: 'A Change is Gonna Come' >Baby Huey & The Babysitters

The greatest story ever told is the one that we tell ourselves over and over.

No spoilers here, but I will say that the movie was simply stunning. When I recover I'll try and relate some more of my thoughts. You have until then to go and see the movie. At best I'll put those thoughts behind a cut to protect those of you too lazy to get out during the opening weekend to see it.

Ups and downs are a part of the implied circle that life goes around. There are endings ahead just as there are beginnings. We go forward and never back. Going back is not possible. Who goes forward with us can tell us things we might not otherwise perceive.

Faites de beaux reves.
Make fine dreams.

Moody::: anxious Moody w/ slight tobacco tones
Muzak of the moment::: Luke and Leia's theme

There's a lot to say. I think I'd rather not take the time to type it up just now. The weather is too fine, the days too bright, and I am too lazy to take the time to mope when I can just chill and let the book I'm reading, the company I'm keeping, and the season just whisk me away.

"People ahve zee wurld, RELAX!"

Moody::: blank christian-clean-slater-ish
Muzak of the moment::: 'Shine On' >Bone Pony


She's spinning me around in circles
Oh, that skinny blonde girl
Something about the ages
(Stop it, stop it!)
I failed college algebra again
Oh, that skinny blonde girl

(Cut it out, I'm soloing!)

Shee took me to different places
Like the university bookstore
And the financial aid office
I had to borrow her parking pass
Working on the night staff
At the computer lab
I totally found out her screen name
Oh, that skinny blonde girl
And the circles, and the ages, and the ages

(Man, I told you not to bring that thing here...)

(uhh...where am I...Is that song really in G?)


I need to see your papers towels please.


Moody::: bitchy cranky with a capitol "K"
Muzak of the moment::: 'Mighty, Mighty' >Baby Huey and the Babysitters


Here's a link in honor of your birthday.

Pirate Mod

So while doing some concert checking I found archive.org, which has an interesting live music archive. Noteables among the live concert list include Willy Porter, G. Love, Bernie Worrel, Bela Fleck, Hayseed Dixe, AND Warren Zevon.

I love you too. Now go get your concert on!


Moody::: chipper chipper
Muzak of the moment::: 'The Crunge' >Led Zepplin

Monday we took my first travelbug Firefighter Lee to visit some of the local firestations. The pictures are here. There were more pictures taken, but I'll put them up some other time.


Moody::: content content
Muzak of the moment::: Babylon 5, Season 3 DVD

In case you've not been following this: Meatbot Massacre has met the required ransom. Now its free. You are welcome.

When I was very, very young I dreampt of this very thing. Seeing as how The Empire Stikes Back is one of the very first movies I remember seeing I dreampt about it a lot. I shouldn't neglect to mention Thundarr's Fablulous Sunsword either.


Moody::: blank blank
Muzak of the moment::: 'Nowhere Man' -The Beatles

So, if you've never seen this then take a look. I don't really know what to say about it other than it is interesting.

Moody::: calm calm
Muzak of the moment::: 'Blue' >The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop)

Here is a relic I found floating out in the Net. The author, listed at the bottom of the page, can not be contacted. Out of desperation for a miniature game that doesn't require anything more than a minimal investment I went searching. Of course the idea of playing any game at all drives me to distraction.

Click here